About The New Providence Regular Republican Committee

New Providence is in the 7th Congressional District, State District 21, located in Union County, New Jersey. The New Providence Republican Committee (NPRC) is a Union County GOP Municipal Republican Organization comprised of elected committee members and associates.  The NPRC has 22 elected Republican Committee Members: 1 male and 1 female from each of New Providence's 11 voting districts.  Each Committee Member is elected for a 2-year term on the Republican primary ballot within their residing voting district in even years, or by appointment to fill a vacancy with majority committee consent.  Associate members are nominated and voted on by the NPRC majority for a one year term at the annual re-organizational meeting held immediately after the primary according to state stature, or can be voted in as needed any time during mid-term for a vacancy.  The NPRC also has a Young Republican Group (NPYRs). 


Mission Statement

I.  Promote the ideals of the Republican Party in the Borough of New Providence, which include fiscal responsibility, the efficient delivery of municipal services, and the maintenance of moral and ethical standards of behavior in government. 

II.  Promote the election of Republicans to office at the municipal, county, state and national levels.

III.  Facilitate and expand the participation of all citizens of the Borough of New Providence in the political process and foster community outreach. 

IV.  Carry out the duties of this Committee as delineated in NJSA Title 19-5 and the Committee’s official By-Laws.