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Robert Muñoz for NP Borough Council

Robert Muñoz Candidate Statement

It has been an honor to serve you for almost 9 years, as your councilperson.  Next week, all Republicans, not just a select few, will go to the polls to vote on which 2 Republicans should represent you in the November general election.  When you step into the booth on June 4, I hope you consider my service to the Borough, my service to the community and my love for this town.

Over my past 3 terms on borough council, I have led or supported efforts to do the following:

  • Keep the lid on spending by entering into new shared services agreements such as our award winning shared dispatch center and our shared municipal court; 
  • Manage the municipal budget which resulted in a AAA credit rating from all 3 major credit rating agencies;
  • Oppose court mandated high density housing and passed a master plan to reduce its impact to the borough; 
  • Improve recreational fields in the borough;
  • Make New Providence a safer place to drive and walk by improving traffic and pedestrian safety measures; and
  • Bring liquor licenses to New Providence.


But there still remains much work to be done.  Committees that I am on are working on the following:

  • the improvement of Grove Field, Lincoln Field and the community pool basketball courts; 
  • installation of Harmony Park next to Veterans Park
  • expansion of shared services with our neighbors; 
  • exploration of additional revenue streams and grant opportunities to keep taxes low.  

We continue to make the  necessary improvements to our infrastructure and facilities, but careful planning is needed to keep the lid on spending. 


Collaboration with volunteers have made projects like the above possible.  I believe that volunteerism plays a big part in making New Providence great.  For me, that has meant getting involved in the Boy Scouts with my son.  Last year I became the committee chair and am a frequent parent supervisor on campouts for Troop 63.  I love spending time outdoors with my son and being involved in an organization that values commitment, discipline and community service.  

For your second vote, I would ask that you consider Michele Matsikoudis.  Michele’s record with the PTA and the Education Foundation is exemplary.  She has a background in municipal finance and business development.  She is a consummate professional and I believe she will serve with distinction.

I hope when you step into the voting booth, you consider my commitment and service to this borough, this community and my love for this town.  I also ask you to consider Michele’s service to this community and our children.  I ask you to vote for the two best candidates on November 5th.

Thank you,

Rob Muñoz


Michele Matsikoudis for Borough Council

Michele Matsikoudis Candidate Statement

It is my privilege to accept the endorsement of the New Providence Republican Committee for a nomination to Borough Council.  As I seek my first term, I look forward to hearing your concerns and earning your support. Living in New Providence for more than 20 years, and recognizing what this town has provided to my family, I am embracing this opportunity to give back to the community.

As you consider supporting me for Borough Council, I would like to share a few issues I consider a priority for our town: In the wake of court-mandated high-density housing, I am concerned about the increasing demand on our infrastructure, including wastewater, traffic, parking, and our student population. Pedestrian safety is clearly a growing concern as well. Fiscal responsibility, including keeping taxes low and controlling spending is critical. Confronting these issues becomes especially challenging as we work to maintain services and programs while controlling costs. Continued, thoughtful planning and a commitment of time and energy will be required of all Borough Council members to keep our town running smoothly. I am confident that my longevity in town, combined with my professional experience and my volunteer service will enable me to address these challenges successfully. 

My decision to run for Council came after much thought and consideration. I feel strongly that having a diverse Borough Council, where members bring unique ideas and perspectives plus work and life experiences will create an environment that serves the entire community. Only with diversity on Council can a senior citizen, a stay-at-home mom, a commuter, a new family, residents of various religions and cultures as well as the numerous small businesses feel represented in local government. 

For those who don’t know me, my personal story is a familiar one. Prior to starting a family, I was a Vice President at Morgan Stanley in their Municipal Bond Department. During that time, our first son, John Jr. was born. I continued working outside the home until our twins, William and Lillie were born in 2000. With three young children, I decided to pause my career and devote my time and energy to raising our family and volunteering in multiple community organizations. 

I joined the PTA and served consecutive terms as President of the PTA at Salt Brook School and the New Providence Middle School. In these roles, my most significant contributions included successful fundraising for the schools and initiating and implementing programs and activities between the Middle School and the Recreation Department. These programs are still in existence today. During this time I was also invited to participate in PBSIS, a character education and positive behavior initiative run through the NJ State Dept. of Education. New Providence Middle School was one of the few schools selected statewide to participate in the pilot program.


In my volunteer capacity with the New Providence Education Foundation, I assisted with their fundraising efforts. The Corporate Sponsorship Program, which was my focus, raised in excess of $125,000 during my tenure. The Foundation has raised almost $1,000,000 since its inception.

Currently, I am serving on the New Providence Board of Health and the Economic Development Committee.  Volunteering on these boards is very rewarding and and has strengthened my desire to serve the community on Borough Council.

In 2012, I returned to the workforce in the role of Business Development with Worth, Ltd.; a women’s luxury clothing company that helps empower women through their own personal style. Most recently, I have taken a new position with the Sue Adler Team of Keller Williams in Business Development and as a Realtor Associate. 

I want you to know how seriously I take the responsibility of representing and working for YOU.  To serve on Borough Council is a great honor granted by you, the residents. I am fully committed to earning that privilege and more importantly, I am fully committed to dedicating my time and energy to this position and to continuing to listen to your concerns, needs, and goals for the future of New Providence.  Please consider voting for me in this election.  If you would like additional information about me and follow my candidacy, please visit my Facebook page, Michele Matsikoudis for New Providence Borough Council, or reach out to me directly at Matsiforcouncil@gmail.com.