Nadine Geoffroy and Lisa McKnight announce re-election bid for New Providence Borough Council

We are proud and excited to announce our re-election bid for New Providence Borough Council.  Fiscal management, experience, and proven leadership in these challenging economic times are more important than ever.   We have first-hand experience with running the Borough in an efficient, cost-effective and inclusive manner.  Our ongoing commitment to our residents, to the improvement of the quality of life, and to continued community service are some of the key reasons why New Providence has become one of the most desirable communities to live and raise a family.  As your Councilwomen and candidates, we will strive to improve and enhance what we have already built.  Some of these areas include:

Public Safety for motorists and pedestrians by collaborating with NPPD and residents to ensure safety for all.  Providing our police officers, volunteer fire department, DPW, and EMS with the necessary equipment to best serve our community.  

Continue a culture of fiscal responsibility and budget management.    Maintaining a highly coveted AAA bond rating and maintaining small, steady tax increases in light of high inflationary pressures.

Continue to evaluate shared services to ensure efficient cash management while maintaining the highest level of services as well as seeking out grants for all borough departments and programs.

Improving transparency and communication via a new Borough website to facilitate easier access to and navigation of information.  

Continued accessibility to residents with comments, concerns, questions via our email or action line and timely responses.  We have a proven track record of listening to our residents and responding to the needs of our community. 

Being advocates for mental health and alcohol/drug abuse by raising awareness and providing education.  Collaborate with Union County and other non-profits to provide resources.

Fostering a diverse inclusive community by continuing to educate and celebrate our various cultures of our residents in order to promote respect and better understanding. 

Continue to collaborate and volunteer with our local non-profits to ensure all residents basic needs are met. 

We have been tirelessly serving the residents of New Providence with distinction and dedication.  But we can only do so with your input.   We hear your concerns and know your challenges and will strive to work to address these. We ask for your continued feedback and comments.  It takes all of our residents to come together to point out areas for improvement or of concern and provide positive, thoughtful ideas.  We are excited to continue our work for you.  Please see attached QR code for more information or contact us at

A message of Thanks, and a call for Duty!!

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