To our town, Thank You!



Those two words don’t really seem to be a sufficient acknowledgment for the support you have given us throughout this Primary.  This Primary victory would not have been possible without the help of so many people; it was a community wide effort.  An effort that we did not take for granted.  From the voters who took time out of their day to fill out mail-in ballots or vote in person, to the people who had displayed our signs , we say, Thank You!  From the people who attended our meet-and-greets, to the people that made calls and walked door to door on our behalf, we say, Thank You!  To the people whose days and evenings we interrupted with phone calls, we say Thank You! for taking the time to talk to us.

 This is just the beginning. There remains much work to be done between now and November 5th. To those of you that voted for us, our job over the next 5 months is to affirm your decision in supporting us.  If you are not already a supporter, our job is to convince you that we are the two best qualified candidates to serve New Providence on Borough Council.  We as a community share a sense of pride in New Providence. The common purpose that we share is a sincere desire to make New Providence a better place for us and our children to live. This is our pledge to you as we move towards the general election.  We promise you that we will continue to work hard to earn your trust and your vote.

To all our family, friends, volunteers, supporters and our trusted advisor Dominick  Fiorilli, we say in heartfelt appreciation, THANK YOU!



Why I support Michele Matsikoudis for Borough Council

Michele Matsikoudis has my vote for New Providence Borough Council.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michele for the past 10 years.  When we met, she was the PTA President, running events and donating her time to raise much needed funds at Salt Brook School.  

After Salt Brook, Michele became the PTA President at NP Middle School and a volunteer with the NP Education Foundation, where she used her years of business experience to create programs, generate funding, and examine the needs of our school’s students and families.  She also volunteered with the New Providence Community Activities Board, the Board of Health and the Economic Development Committee where she is still actively volunteering to this day.

In addition to volunteering, Michele somehow managed to have a career and raise three great kids. She is the type of person who is happy to jump in and help whenever you need her.  She is intuitive, hard-working, and considerate.  

As members of the New Providence community, we should participate in our town by volunteering in our schools, town committees or local non-profits.  Michele is an extraordinary example of a resident who has given back and helped shape New Providence.

I am proud to have worked with Michele on many volunteer opportunities over the last decade, and I know she will immediately add value on Borough Council.  Please join me in supporting Michele Matsikoudis for Borough Council in the upcoming election.  

Allison Smith



A Message of Thanks and a Call for Unity

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I have never felt more connected to our community than I do right now. This campaign has been a wonderful journey. We made new friends, shared some really great ideas, and came together for the betterment of our community. I feel so blessed for this opportunity, and am so honored by the support and encouragement I received during the campaign, and, the warm reception we received last night. Thank you!

We congratulate my running mate, Michele Matsikoudis, and Councilman Rob Muñoz. Please join me now in coming together and working together, combing forces and sharing our vision for New Providence as one united party. We are neighbors and friends who all want the best for our community. Together we will accomplish great things for New Providence. Thank you for your support and trust in me. 

Very truly yours,

John Everitt


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